Benthica provides clients with a variety of services related to contaminant source identification, distribution, behavior and effects in the environment.  Through training in chemistry, environmental biology, geology and civil engineering, and 30 years of professional experience Benthica brings a strong and balanced multi-disciplinary approach to projects and problem solving.   Specific areas of expertise include aquatic chemistry, sediment processes and remediation, limnology, contaminant history reconstruction, mercury cycling, and environmental systems analysis.

Benthica develops pragmatic solutions to environmental challenges.  For example, a number of years ago I was presented with the problem of lead shot in a coastal wetland that had negligible natural grit for ducks.  I was asked if the sampling methodology could create uncertainty in the data and that could be challenged in order to avoid dredging, which is expensive and disruptive.  After a few questions and a moment of considering that angle, I refocused and responded, "why pursue an expensive hand-waving argument when you can just solve the problem by broadcasting sand in the area to provide grit and effectively decrease the exposure?"   This approach was not only environmentally beneficial compared to dredging, but also a significant cost saving solution for the client, and this is the type of solution Benthica produces.

Sometimes problems seem much more complex and not clearly amenable to such simple solutions.  A case in point is mercury contamination in aquatic systems, where human health and ecological risk is driven by the concentration of MeHg in fish.  There are many conditions and processes that control the transformations and transfers that get the mercury from sediment into the fish.  Instead of trying to manipulate all of the processes, a relatively simple solution exists by breaking just one of the key initial links in the production, transport and bioaccumulation chain. This method is described on the Hg Remediation page.  Only when broad technical understanding is integrated with unique insights, can simple solutions be developed.  This is what Benthica excels at.

Some of the specialized services and capabilities provided by Benthica can be seen by selecting the tabs above.  Additional fields of expertise include effects of dam decommissioning, lake and reservoir nutrient management, bathymetric surveys, data analysis and critical review of reports.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Stephen Klein via the information below.  If you have a challenge that is outside of my expertise, I can help direct you to the person who has it.