Benthica has a state-of-the-art laboratory for performing sediment research.  It includes capacity for short and long-term studies of sediments, as well as facilities for processing and analyzing samples.   With 30+ feet of bench space, over 20 microcosm tests can be run simultaneously under temperature and light-controlled conditions.  Processing and analytical capabilites focus on metals, sulfur and nutrient speciation and bioavailability using Tessier-type selective extractions, AVS, CRS and other methods. The processing lab includes centrifuges that range in capacity from 4x50mL to 4x1,000mL, 3-acid digestion apparatus, dry block digestion, fume hood, drying oven, 0.0001g analytical balance, muffle furnace, and other equipment for selective extraction.  The analytical laboratory includes graphite furnace AA for ultratrace metals, multimode electrochemical analyzer for metals and other redox sensitive elements, gas chromatograph for sediment gases, visible spectrophotometer, and ion-selective probes.

In addition to the main laboratory, Benthica has mobile laboratory equipment to process and analyze samples in the field.  The equipment includes a portable nitrogen-purged glove box, a centrifuge, analytical balance, and multimode electrochemical analyzer.